Season extension. Caterpillar tunnel build. Slab wood garden box. Hydroponic lettuce.

Season extension. We have been working on the caterpillar tunnel, the structure of the tunnel is complete. We purchased the 50 foot gothic pro. The gothic pro has the 16 inch extension legs, wind bracing, cross supports and solid center purlin. We plumbed each of the six end bows while adding the wind bracing. With the center purlin installed we then went back and loosened the saddle clamps at the bows and slipped the remaining bows into plumb.

Then we started filling the frame structure with leaves and yard debris to prep the soil.

We also built a new raised bed from slab wood using the same cleat system as before on the other boxes.This box is for our garlic and elephant garlic.

The tube hydroponic system is starting to grow lettuce.

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