Privacy barrier trees, growing a hedgerow. Firewood crop trees.

Privacy barrier trees, growing a hedgerow. We are building or growing a privacy barrier. So far the privacy barrier has black locust, rosa commenia, switch grass, cedars, and a few others I don;t know the names of. We are adding Staghorn Summac.

Across the property we planted 25 firewood production trees, hybrid poplar. At first I started planting the trees with a post hole digger. But then decided to use the moldboard plow to cut trenches to plant. When planting trees with a plow it becomes super easy to replace the dirt.

Next we decided to use drip tape on a rain barrel to water in the trees. The nutrient cocktail for the trees is: Jobes all purpose, Alaska fish fertilizer, Superthrive, a pinch of epsom salt, and a bit off all purpose Miracle Grow.

And finally PUMP IT GIRL!

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