KILLED MY GARDEN!! Mulch maker grinds. 3rd garden plot prep.

Lightning hit a tree and took down a good chunk of it! We got out the mulch maker chipper shreader vac and chipped up the branches using the wood chipper function. There is a difference in brands of lawn vacs, some only vacuum the yard debris, while others also chip or shread the yard debris. Our Craftsman mulch maker chips and shreads the yard debris.

We also had to rebuild the frame of our garden tractor. When the frame repairs where finished I tested the repairs with the toughest work I could think of for the tractor. Ground engaging! I hooked up the sleeve hitch and the mold board plow and cut another garden. The repairs seam to be holding. We then dumped all the mulch we just made into the 3rd garden plot.

The temp dropped way below normal for this time of year and killed many of the crops that were still doing well inside the high tunnel. We also started to cardboard and mulch the floor of our high tunnel.

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