Featured Products

Unless your an expert you will probably want this book. The American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation guide covers a huge range of techniques and plants. This is my go to reference for any plants or veggies I am considering growing.

These heat mats by Vivosun are the mats we will use in our heated starter hotbox. These heat mats are 4 1/2 star rated on Amazon with over 1000 reviews. Each mat uses 105 watts of power.

The Breadman Ultimate bread machine is my first choice even above the Oster. It will make 2 pound loaves also, and has several user programmable settings for inputting your favorite settings. It also has a fruit and nut dispenser that will kneed in your additions at the right time.

This Oster bread machine is a fine piece of kitchen equipment. It is our second choice as far as bread machines go. We own this bread machine also. If your inclined to try using a bread machine this one will get you going for nearly half of a Breadman Ultimate.

For raised bed growing or growing in clusters or patches the easy water flexible soaker system might be a better choice. I have not tested this system on a rain barrel so I don’t know if it will operate at gravitational pressures.

Irrigation is key in successful growing, unless you live in area where it rains every couple of days. In the past we have used this commercial drip tape available at TekSupply. This product is best for straight runs ( the tape does not bend well) and operates at less than 20 psi. If you are using this on a pressurized system you will need a regulator. We tested this product on a rain barrel and the tape does drip, however the drip rate is slower than if connected to a pressurized system.

We bought this greenhouse as a cost effective option while we are still in program with NRCS. The frame is very basic, the metal is cheap poles. However the frame assembles very easily and the cover is also easy to put on. I recommend using a study stake to tie it down and also weight the flaps at the ground. We anchored our’s very well. This greenhouse was only about seventy dollars, and is tall enough for me to stand up in. Time will test it’s durablity.

This is a pretty cool little camera. The camera and internal mic work great. The external mic would not work even after a second replacement mic was sent. I would not let that stop you if your interested in a little camera like this. The camera comes with two batteries that can charge in the camera. I also have a dated but very nice Cybershot but you have to remove the battery to charge it.

Not so with this little camera, also comes with a standard AV RCA cable and a HDMI output cable. The HDMI cable is mini on one end and HDMI on the other so you won’t need to buy additional cables. It also has a built in LED light if you need it. The camera records in MOV files so expect large file sizes and plan your SD card accordingly.

The Toppled light LED 4:1 red and blue grow light is a great value. The waterproof strip light features 300 LED’s and is 16.4 feet long, Great for the long channel runs of an NFT or wicking channel system. This model comes with a dimmer and power supply. The power supply and dimmer connect with a barrel plug. The light comes with 3M double stick tape, already applied, for mounting, but I had better success mounting the light with hot glue and clear box tape. The grow light is available in multiple lengths.

The TBJ Uncured Bacon Jam is an awesome dip for chips, goes great on toast, or to add that little extra sweet bacon flavor to a BLT, CAN YOU HAVE TOO MUCH BACON on one sandwich?

ThermaCels micro-ceramic paint additive turns paint into a heat reflective surface. Micro-ceramic additives are another way to improve a room or buildings energy envelope,and were recommended improvements during my career in the RE industry. Just stir the bag into a gallon of paint. This product is available premixed in a variety of sizes. I like to buy the additive alone so I can choose the types, and brands of paint myself. Another brand is Insuladd, but is no longer sold by Amazon.

This flat panel ceramic heater and models like it are a great way to heat a small room without a lot of added work. The panel stands off the wall about an inch and creates an airspace to force heated air movement. Also this type of panel heater heats the wall behind it, making the wall act as a thermal mass or thermal battery.

This RO system fits under the sink and provides great tasting crystal clear water. We used counter top filters in the past as the final filtration stage but counter space is a premium. The system is easy to install and comes with one filter change and a dedicated faucet and pressure tank.

Filter cartridges need to be replaced time and again. The best way to make sure you have the replacements you need is to stock up on replacements. This set includes replacement filters for 3 years.

 Today we are featuring  a 40 volt cordless polesaw by Greenworks. The saw comes with a 40 volt charger and a 2 amp hour battery. We have had several gas powered pole saws but the problem is always the same. The gas engines break down often times costing more to repair than they where to purchased. We decided to give this 40 volt tool a try. The tool is very light and easy to handle. Time will tell how long it last under homestead use.

This Honeywell thermostat is super easy to install. It is so easy to install my young son installed the base plate. The base plate uses push to connect tabs and supports 1 R wire or 2 R wire. This thermostat supports are source heat pumps with EM backup.

This is a powerful little pump at 60 watts and nearly 10 ft of lifting head. The pump is rated at 920 GPH.  The pump is pretty quite too. Control this pump with a ball valve and the Century timer for a solid solution.

The super bright 6500K lights are great for micro-greens! Combine the lights with 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K lights to give your plants what they need.

This is a cool timer. It has eight programmable cycles that can operate for as short as one minute. It also has a built in back up battery that charges from the wall outlet. Both outlets run the same program.