Building High Tunnel Infrastructure. Using commercial nutrients.

Our lowcash vehicles purchased for cash are doing quite well in the snow. Our area is very hilly and the hill to the top of the ridge is not steep but does collect ice with freeze thaw cycles.

The littlest kids are fighting over moving while my son mops the floor…And a bluray in the fish tank!

We also have been adding infrastructure to our high tunnel. We added nesting boxes to the chicken tractors, fans to keep the air moving, gate valves to isolate each raised bed in each bed run, and some temporary power lines to supply our fans and pumps. We have also added an EZ Flow nutrient regulator bottle to our irrigation system. For our root crops we are using Bonticare CNS 17. CNS 17 has the three major nutrients and 17 micro nutrients. Combine the commercial nutrients with the EZ Flow dispersing system and our root crops are showing improved growth. Our Dragon fruit plants are also starting to grow and are starting to produce new buds and off shoots. We also have plans to update and expand our hydroponic sections of the high tunnel.

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