About Us

My name is Matt. My family an I decided we wanted to live different from how we had been. We lived in the city. Crime was on the up. Schools were on the down. My neighbors were friendly and mostly minded themselves. The house was big. The yard was small.

We moved to the suburbs. Lots of yard for playing and gardening. A reasonable speed limit in our neighborhood. The neighbors were assholes. The city government was oppressive. Constantly knocking on my door over some trival infraction against some asshole neighbor. Milking the citizens of their earned dollars.

Enough !!! We are done!

Now we live more free. My kids have space to play. We all have room to grow. Do you like grapes? Plant some, see if you can get them to grow. That’s the whole point, Building a live worth living and building a cool place to live it.

This Blog is an attemp to share it with you. I promise not to get to crazy with advertising, but we do still need to earn a living. Thank you.